HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEIKOOOOOO~~ /not saying mommy because I’m still older than you okay u.u

I should probably write something pretty but I fail at that stuff, so…well…


I told those two to make a cake for you. Zero was the one who obviously did it but shh. And Leo and Elliot had to join the party, of course~~


I still should write something pretty, shouldn’t I? ;-;


I’ll try to think of something later u.u Because — you know it, right? I love you very, very much and owe you a lot because, well…you are the one who always has to be stuck with my stupidity…and…I don’t know why didn’t you get sick of me yet ;-;

And…uh…it’s not like I like it or anything—! But…thank you for making me study and eat and taking care of me and…all of that.


And…this is getting…really gay….so I’ll stop u.u


  1. takamiyakaito said: kjsrhkjsarhajksr That’s so cute and drjkhaskrjahskjr so gaaay krhaksjr <33333333 Thank yoooou ;-; I won’t get tired of you and I’ll make you work because….you have to ;-; I love you too,Tsun!Ari ~~ <33
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