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Anonymous: A joke: Two banana slugs walk into a bar. One looks at the other and asks "craig why do you look so sad?" The other replies "my wife has left me in crippling debt and has taken the kids. My life is void of all happiness john." there is no punchline only the bitter realization that ties between human beings are fragile.

         ” —- Is there a reason why you’re telling me this?

Anonymous: What is your opinion on frogs?

               ” I don’t hate them. 



                       ❝ Hm, maybe you should stick with me for awhile.
                          Those are pretty bad people you’re dealing with. ❞


                  “ I —  I’m fine …
                    The fairy saved me.



           Her nose twitched before she let out
           a sigh. She should have known earlier. 
           But she was so focused over the smell
           of the incoming rain, she didn’t smell the
           sweet scent of iron that clung onto him.

     ”You’re pretty awful at pretending.” 


              This time the man sat up, one hand pressed to his face as he leaned forward. To say something like that when she was the one pretending to know a thing about him …
                                               ”  —- What do you want? “



              ——— nothin’
       really… say — d’ya have anythin’ to eat?

         ” I don’t …
                    Try the store down the street. “


            It was like Zero had said, he had lost control. All Kaito could do, though, was hope the silvette would be back to himself once he called, or whatever he’d manage to do once he had lost too much blood.

            In the end, it wasn’t necessary.

            Took the brunette a while to realize, he was probably weak already due to the blood he had lost before, but Zero had pulled away, and Kaito could swear he hadn’t said anything or done anything.

           Maybe…. Maybe it wasn’t his blood he needed anymore….?


                                      ” What….? “

          Was the only thing he managed to ask.


             ” How …. 
                      How could you think that Ryo and I —- “

       No —-
                              After what he had seen, and as much as he wanted and needed that blood, he had to stop. He had to make all those thoughts inside Kaito disappear, thoughts that disgusted him and were so obviously wrong he never thought Kaito would have them in the first place.

                 Cold hands were holding to his partner’s back tighter and tighter to the point it was probably hurting him, breathing harsh as lips stayed a few inches away from the blood they craved. Even so, the current Zero was more satiated than he had been for the past months.

                              He would be calmer, too, but instead his entire body was shaking and words were more than he could manage, for now.

                                                        Kaito would know what he meant.


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               ❝ Wait, that’s not true, is it ? ❞

               ” It’s true, but —-
                        It’s because the pirates kidnapped me. “



      ❝Yes, bring the husband. Ryo will be there, too. I’m cooking enough for everyone.❞

            ” Fine —
                     I got it. “