"Opacho won’t! Opacho eat candy good." Challenge accepted Zero, she’ll show you, by shoving at least two of them in her mouth.

       —- And Zero is going to show you, by taking the bag from the child’s hands.



"They’re all at school. Or, the market." A pause. "What should I do? I-if they don’t stop?"

      “Guys like those are cowards…
            Don’t show them you’re scared.”



"N-no! I think you can do it! I. I know you can do it.” He was an adult.

          “Do you know if they’re somewhere close?”

                                                      ℕo sleep,
                                                 ℕo nightmares.



"Y’think, that would work?" It took his brother dishing out a black eye to quiet them before.

      “You don’t think I can make them stop?”

                         [  he’s still zero, the scary scary hunter.  ]


                         As far as threats went, it wasn’t the most creative; it might have scared someone but it didn’t do anything for Skylar — worse people had said nicer things to make his skin crawl. The point being, Zero didn’t say anything to make him consider shutting his stupid pureblood mouth. It just wasn’t enough. Didn’t sound serious enough. Didn’t seem like anything more than a tell-off for someone hitting nerves. Didn’t feel like the hunter would. Made Skylar want to roll his eyes.

                         He didn’t, though. Only an idiot would insult the person offering to knock the back wall of his skull out.

                         “You don’t need my permission.”

                                                 But someone intelligent would back down.

                         “…I mean, being a vampire is reason enough to kill me. I wonder why you’ve not done it yet.”


                    You don’t get it, do you?

         ”I never asked for permission…”

               Asking for killing wasn’t how hunting worked. There were vampires whose existence threatened humans, and that was reason enough for them to disappear — other times Zero had to look for one.

                Skylar shouldn’t be making things easier, really.

        “Being a vampire isn’t a good enough reason.
                                         I’m asking you to give me one.”

hoshigumiafro replied to your post

Shakes head no. “Opacho has big bag of marshmallows. Want to share.”

          “You’re going to get sick if you eat all of that.”



For a brief moment, his expression was a clear ‘yes.’ But as for answering with words, he took longer, mulling it over and fidgeting. “…wh-what will you tell them?”

         ”I could tell them to stop bothering you.”

hoshigumiafro: Gives marshmallow.

          “— Is there a reason for this?”