Kaito didn’t refuse the kiss, he did the contrary and enjoyed it as long as it lasted before pulling away slowly and getting himself out of the bed so Zero could move as well.

                                            ” I’ll take a shower first, if you want to enjoy five more minutes of the bed, okay? And let me try reading your mind and already tell you that we’re too late already to shower together. “

            “ Idiot …
                     Wouldn’t we save time if we did that?

              Possibly not, given that they are Kaito and Zero. Even so, the boy didn’t move, closing his eyes when cold replaced his partner’s body.

                                              Five minutes was enough for a nap.



     ❝ Hey, I know! I’ll steal your wallet, break your legs,
          and then leave you here on the side of the road.
          To rot. All for the hell of it. Doesn’t that sound like
          fun? ❞


         “ It doesn’t  —-
                 What’s your problem?



                   Idiot or not, it was good to know being away from each other bothered Zero as much as it bothered him. 

                                 ” I didn’t know you were possessive, though. “

                   ” I’m not ….
                            —-     and you’re embarrassing, Kaito. 


                        Zeroko sounded annoyed, somehow, and that annoyed her too. What? She had said the truth only, it wasn’t about trusting anyone else, just herself. Kaiko was done eating too, but she didn’t want to go to the kitchen now.


                         She sighed, she didn’t want to fight…

             The female hunter was back, yet it seemed like Kaiko hadn’t moved since she left. Silent steps took Zeroko to her partner, but being a vampire, there was nothing like hiding for her.

            Kaiko knew her scent.

                                                 ” I’m going to finish my list.


                    Kaito didn’t want Zero to go yet, there were still an important thing to talk about, but before he could do or say anything the silvette left after bandages.


                  He was feeling tired, sleepy. If he were to lay down now, he’d probably fall asleep in a second, but he couldn’t …. because it seemed like there wouldn’t be any other good time to say that.

                The brunette forced himself to stay awake as he waited for his husband to come back.

            It didn’t take very long for Zero to return. He sat next to his husband, carefully placing the bandages around the wounded neck as if the man could break if he wasn’t gentle enough.

            The following day, they could find a better replacement  —-  one that didn’t make things so obvious.

                                   ”  —-  Sorry.

               Honestly, he didn’t know what else to say. The thought that his hunger could have been enough to kill the person who mattered to him the most was starting to be more than he could take.



“My name is Cindy— Cindy Clearwater.” 

         ” The Headmaster said you’d come …
                      Come with me.



                ❝ To varying degrees, yes. ❞

          You should start giving me better answers
                     if you don’t want me to take you to be interrogated.


               Kaito was really liking the spoiling, but Zero was right, they’d be late if they stayed there for longer. Turning himself so he’d be on top of his husband, he quickly kissed him before replying. 


                                             ” You’d know the answer for this if you could really read my mind. “

                 Another quick kiss.

                                              ” But as you can’t I’m telling you, time to leave the bed, Zero. “

                   ” If you could read my mind   —-
                          You’d know I’d rather stay here.

           Yawning against Kaito’s lips, he then locked them with his own for a longer kiss, using each second or minute they still had as wisely as he could.

                         ” I can’t move if you don’t ….



                Kaito couldn’t help but smile, leaving for work, hunting work, was just part of their lives. Hunters had to do this, it didn’t matter if they were married or not. Still, Kaito had started refusing those for a while now, trading working away for working more in their own area.

                                   ” So you wouldn’t let me go if I had to? ~ “

           Something that was the same for both of them…
                     There were other hunters who wouldn’t mind working farther away.
           Even so, because both Kaito and Zero were part of the top ranks, sometimes such a thing was impossible.

                            I wouldn’t.